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Why? What? Who?

Why was this started?
This system was setup because education on architecture; especially in India, has lot of gaps and ills. There are too many colleges. Many of these colleges are not adequately staffed. There is not enough textbooks and reference material. Many colleges employ young architects who are not really trained as teachers. There is not much interaction with other courses for several of these architecture colleges are simply stand-alone silos. There is no correctly done discourses in architecture that can address the fundamental need to learn well.

This has been going on for several years; and hence we stepped in to hopefully clarify some of the gaps.

BTW, The reason for calling it archopus was because it reflects the magnum-opus that would eventually be compiled here by all the mentors

What are our goals?

  • To fill the lacunae in architectural education
  • To help those college students to understand what architecture is all about, before entering a college of architecture
  • To mentor architecture students
  • To help established architects stay current with correct, updated knowledge on architecture
  • To give material to teachers of architecture. Many of them need to understand that teaching architecture is not the same as practicing architecture
  • To help in building true self-esteem of learners. True learners often are subject to a lot of pressure of mediocrity. At the same time, there are immature learners with over-blown self-esteem which needs correction

Who is behind this?
This site was started by Ar. Sabu Francis who is an architect, educator as well as someone well versed in developing software and IT systems for architecture. In order to ensure that the site has a wide range of points of view, there are other mentors also at this site. There is a democratic system in place to ensure that all material appearing here are all properly vetted

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