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This system works on the “guru-shikshya parampara” – the traditional Gurukul system of teaching that India was famous for. Mentors are those learned, qualified architects who also have the express capability to facilitate the learning process of the students coming to this site.

We welcome architects who love teaching and mentoring; to become a mentor at our website. We can mutually decide on a percentage of the revenues that we make from the guided students as remuneration to the participating mentor. The percentage would vary from 5% to 15% depending on experience of the mentor.

The method by which we would the revenues would be calculated for determining the payout is explained here.

If you think you qualify; you need to supply a link to your blog (mandatory), your professional experience and certificates on your qualification

Please note the following

  • We have limited number of openings for mentors. Kindly do not keep reminding us about your application
  • Only qualified architects from any country may apply
  • We will scrutinize your blog and ascertain the quality of your writing. This is a mandatory condition
  • We will prefer those who have teaching experience but this is not a must.
  • If you have published any papers in architecture conferences and/or journals, we would request you to strongly consider applying here. Those who have paid magazine insertions or interviews will not be considered – unless we find that the media where the interview happened was a respectable neutral source
  • We would love to see your social media posts too – That is fortunately (or unfortunately) the only way we have to know how a person thinks. Those who have too many selfies, forwarded posts, quotes without attributes and arbitrary apps on Facebook need not apply
  • We do not discriminate on caste/creed/religion/gender
  • We would frown upon mentors who bring in theories that are not substantiated by proper science and rigour
  • We will not accept any reference to unproven science and ancient mythology such as Vastu-shastra, Feng-shui, astrology, religious texts, etc. We can accept reference from ancient history provided they were based on approved references from archaelogy or other authentic sources
  • We may invite some notable teachers to become mentors; without they going thru the application process
  • A detailed phone call/skype call may be needed before a job is confirmed
  • The selected mentor should have a UPI address (for Indians) or a Paypal account (for anyone)
  • The selected mentor should have good quality Internet connection
  • Mentors should familiarize themselves with all the systems that we have on our site and also take an account in our system before applying.
  • All content produced by the respective mentor would be under their respective copyright. The mentors are free to mark their content at a suitable point to state their copyright. It would be assumed that the mentor has given the rights to use their content submitted here for the purpose of running this system
  • No extra payment would be made to mentors for rent, electricity, Internet charges or travel (unless we initiate the travel request)
  • Payment will be made only as a percentage of revenues that are obtained and only for the actual mentoring that the mentor conducted. An audit log would be given to the mentor. Payments would be made only once a month
  • The nature of the employment would be as a contract and not as an “employee” of this organization
  • Taxes would be deducted as applicable

Work description
This entire system works online only. All mentors may meet once a while in some physical location once a while. Mentors are to be fully familiar with all the systems that we have setup on this website. Mentors are encouraged to make their own videos – and we will give a facility to upload the videos to the system that we have on our website. All the mentoring would be done via the system that we have setup. Any mentoring that does not get done via our systems would not be paid for; as we have no means to track the work done

Write to us at if you think you meet these criteria

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