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What it is not

Please read the following points to understand what ArchOpus is NOT. Reasons are provided wherever applicable.

  • It is NOT based on ANY university curriculum. A lot of curricula are set by committees such as a board of studies, which is quite ironic because often they are quite bored :-) But jokes aside; many of the curricula are set into place after a lot of debate, which prolongs the gestation period before the curriculum comes into place. In todays fast changing information world, such curricula are often obsolete from start
  • It is NOT a structured education program. The main two features in this system are the videos that would be uploaded by the mentors and the chat system. You will find the mentors practically online in most part of the day at the chat system. It allows for a free-to-ask-anything kind of format which a student can use from the mentors. Why this was adopted is because too much structuring of the subjects in architecture courses places huge blinkers around the students. Also, they tend to look at the subject in silos. Whereas, the irony is, architecture is that experience where all of life in all its aspects happens together: It is a synthesis point
  • It is NOT a place to copy material from. Students often take a shortcut and do cut-and-paste material from various websites. We would be giving free tools to teachers anywhere to detect if some material was picked up from our website
  • It is NOT a place to quote for the sake of arguing with teachers. This is a strict no-no. If we get any complaint from anyone that the material from this site was used to cause an argument, then we will take strict action against the student
  • ArchOpus does NOT have any ratification or credentials currently. It has just been started. Be patient, and we are sure that it would earn those as we grow.
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